Middle School


Middle School Curriculum (13 and 14 years)

The Middle School Program provides an innovative learning environment for developing adolescents.  This program guides and inspires the students to pursue their interests while achieving academic and leadership excellence in a safe community setting.

Montessori philosophy views adolescence as a time of extraordinary physical, mental and emotional change and transformation. It is a time of tremendous opportunity if the young person is allowed to work with projects that challenge both the body and the mind.  At VMS, this is carried out through a prepared environment that empowers students to set and exceed their own goals, to engage in real community and meaningful, noble work.

Our curriculum fosters critical and analytical thinking. It prepares the students to be life-long learners, guaranteed to be successful in a secondary school setting.

The VMS Middle School provides:

  • A challenging and rich curriculum (project-based , interdisciplinary, integrating the Montessori philosophy, the newest research on the developmental needs of adolescents, new learning theories and the Massachusetts State Frameworks for the middle school grades.)
  • Opportunities for global and community thinking
  • Life and learning skills which include time management, personal responsibility, and collaboration with peers and adults.
  • Individualized instruction in a small classroom setting
  • Meaningful work and real-life problem solving
  • A supportive, respectful community of students and adults