Community is central at VMS. Children and their growth bring us together, and the authentic connections and values we hold in common sustain us as our students mature into resilient explorers, confident learners, and empathetic citizens.

Our faculty is a dedicated group of professionals who are thoughtful and ambitious about their work. They are drawn to VMS by the opportunity to impact young students using a progressive, multicultural curriculum that tackles challenging topics in age-appropriate ways. At every grade level, VMS teachers create inclusive, anti-bias classrooms where children’s identities are embraced and their voices are valued. Students learn to consider the experiences of others and gain the capacity to advocate confidently for justice in an increasingly complex and diverse world.

Faculty and Staff

VMS is led by a team of committed, experienced and trained staff, all working together towards one common goal: the holistic development of the children in our care.

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Board of Trustees

The VMS volunteer Board of Trustees focuses on the short and long-term health of the School and is dedicated to the following priorities: carrying out the stewardship of the school’s mission; ensuring the school’s financial stability; hiring and evaluating the Head of School; overseeing the Strategic Planning process

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Strategic Intent

The parents, leaders and faculty are preparing Martha’s Vineyard’s next generation for future success, aiming to exceed the Massachusetts State Standards for each grade by fostering each student’s potential to become bright, outside-the-box thinkers – creative and open-minded about the future. See our strategic plan for 2025 below.

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Regardless of how long you were with us, VMS will always be a place to which you belong. The relationships you developed in our closeknit community last a lifetime, and you’re always welcome back to campus or to connect with us online.

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VMS Family Association

Vineyard Montessori School’s Family Association (VMSFA) plays an important role in the life of the school. All families of enrolled students are automatically members of the Family Association. The Family Association exists to cultivate a dynamic and nurturing community that channels support for students, teachers and the school — and they have a lot of fun doing so!

Your time, talents, and enthusiasm are what makes our Montessori community thrive. Participation in any area and at any level is important and greatly appreciated.

Want to get more involved? Email familyassociation@vineyardmontessori.com!