A VMS experience for toddlers through grade 8 provides your child with a teaching community dedicated to the most formative years of your child’s development.

VMS teachers are trained to recognize a child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development stages and are skilled at encouraging continued growth. Students become comfortable in their learning and develop greater confidence and self-esteem.

At VMS, teachers and parents work collaboratively to foster the child’s development and ensure a greater sense of wellbeing. When families stay through 8th grade, even stronger connections develop. The community of teachers, families, and students get to know each other well, and the child has a wonderful sense of continuity. We welcome parent involvement in middle school as much as in the early years.

In multi-age classes spanning two or three years, older students serve as leaders and mentors, while younger students feel supported and gain confidence. Middle School students can take on greater responsibility as the oldest students on campus.


A Montessori classroom for toddlers, 15 months to 3 years of age, safely supports your child’s drive to do things alone, developing confidence and a sense of competence. The environment is language-rich, with adults using proper nomenclature rather than baby talk so that the children are exposed to and develop a broad vocabulary. Adults also support toddlers in communicating with each other. A range of books allows children to explore on their own or read aloud with an adult.

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A Montessori Early Childhood classroom feels more like a home than a school. You won’t see desks, nor will a teacher stand at the front of the room delivering a lesson to the whole class. Instead, you’ll see children happily working individually or in small groups, at tables or on the floor near small mats that delineate their own space.

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Multi-age groupings of children ages 6 – 9 and 9 –12 (or 6 –12) provide a heterogeneous mix in which children can collaborate and socialize. These inter-age relationships strengthen the entire community.

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Extended Care

To better serve working families, VMS offers extended hours for our Toddler and Primary programs. Extended AM begins at 7:30am / Extended PM runs through 4pm.

Middle School

Students in our Middle School classroom learn by doing, while preparing for high school. Work is more departmentalized with math, science, English, and history occupying central places in the curriculum. Critical thinking exercises, leadership, skill-building, and student-led discussions are all part of the daily Middle School program.

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Vineyard Montessori School is a dynamic and innovative school, committed to providing an excellent educational foundation for each and every student. Our classrooms are designed to stimulate growth and the joy of learning in a warm and accepting environment. Our students feel secure and respected.

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