Faculty and Staff

VMS is led by a team of committed, experienced and trained staff, all working together towards one common goal: the holistic development of the children in our care.

Lisa Augustave

Primary Support Teacher & Extended PM Teacher

Liz Burnham

Toddler 1 Lead Teacher

Andri Coca-Jose

Primary 1 Teacher

Deborah Dayal

Primary 1 Lead Teacher

Victoria de Leon

Primary 3 Lead Teacher

Rhiannon Fernandes

Director of School Operations

Natalie Flood

Elementary I Teacher

Jennifer French

Toddler Support Teacher

Irene Jackson

Elementary II & Middle School Lead Teacher

Deborah Jernegan

Head of School

Ella Jernegan

Elementary II & Middle School Teacher

Aela Mass

Communications Director

Amanda Patricio

Toddler 2 Teacher

Chris Rasmussen

Primary Team Coordinator & Primary 2 Lead Teacher

Sally Listro

Primary 2 Teacher

Petra Stojakovic

Toddler 1 Teacher

Irene Wendt

Elementary I Lead Teacher

Felicia Williams-Hart

Toddler Team Coordinator & Toddler 2 Lead Teacher