Board of Trustees

Ex Officio Member:
Debbie Jernegan, Head of School

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governance of the school, ensuring adherence to the school’s mission, and supporting the Head of School of VMS. The Head of School is responsible for the daily operations of VMS.

Katelyn Carvalho

Amy Mancina

Shimmy Mehta

Erin Ready


Peter Ryan


Kristen Scheller-Menard

Christina Simmons

Rich Soo Hoo

John Talanian


Dhakir Warren

2022-2025 Strategic Vision

The parents, leaders and faculty are preparing Martha’s Vineyard’s next generation for future success, aiming to exceed the Massachusetts State Standards for each grade by fostering each student’s potential to become bright, outside-the-box thinkers – creative and open-minded about the future. See our strategic plan for 2025 below.

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